Custom Web Applications

Custom web applications to increase productivity and customer relations, or you next startup idea made reality. Whatever you need, we can handle anythign from design to development to infrastructure and long-term maintenance.

Mobile Friendly

Every website we do comes standard with responsive design, so your site will work perfectly across all devices. More people use mobile devices to look up businesses than ever before, and it's important that your website gives people on-the-go a great experience, so they don't move on.

Content Management System

A new website is great, but you have to keep it updated. That’s why every website we build includes an easy to use CMS (content management system) so you can update the text and images of your website without any technical or coding knowledge.

Internet Marketing

What good is the best website in the world if it doesn't reach your potential customers? It doesn't matter how beautiful your website is, how much time you spend writing the content, or how nice your photos are if nobody looks at it. When you get a website from Frixel Solutions, you never need to spend extra on SEO services that do nothing but waste your money.

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© 2014-2017 Frixel Solutions LLC.